What is the use value of the scavenger?

What is the use value of the scavenger?

1, scavenger fish itself clean and refreshing, very ornamental value.

2, scavenger nutritional value is very low, although its meat can be eaten, but the edible value is not high.

3, like to eat aquarium residual bait, dirt and play a role in purifying water quality.

What is the use value of the scavenger?

Scavenger belongs to the animal kingdom, caturiformes, caturidae, caturidae. Because the REMNANT bait of aquatic animals that likes to eat, dirt and rise to purify water qualitative effect, hence get a name.

Native to rivers in South America. Fish body is semi-cylindrical, caudal fin is shallow fork shape, like weak acid soft water, suitable water temperature 20℃ above, adult fish body length of 30 cm, can not naturally overwinter, activity in the bottom of the water, with strong adaptability, easy to feed, omnivorous, low oxygen resistance, high catch rate.

Morphological characteristics: Scavenger fish body is streamlined, small eyes, lower mouth, long with prominent upper forehead and fleshy kiss. Upper and lower lip have left and right 2 teeth. The teeth are brush-shaped. Must mouth Angle position, about 1 each. Gill rakers are like dense combs. Body wear black pattern, black stripes clear. The base of the pectoral fin produces a sound similar to that produced by yellow catfish. There are 2 dorsal fins, no lateral line scales, and only 4 rows of large scales on the body side.

Male and female identification: female scrounger dorsal body wide, soft and silky barbed, pale body color is not black, pectoral fins short and round; The male scavger dorsal body narrow, hard and rough barbs, dark black body color, long and pointed pectoral fins, pectoral fins have star chasing.