Where is the source of the Yellow River?

Where is the source of the Yellow River?

Where is the source of the Yellow River?

1. The source of the Yellow River is hidden in Qinghai Province. There are three main sources: Zhaqu source, Yuguzong Liqu source and Kariqu source, each of which plays different roles.

2, Ka Riqu source is mainly flow through a large range, as long as the size of the five springs, the water in the five springs will gather together to form the source, down the process, but also converge a lot of small rivers, and then flow to other places. The source of Kariqu is never divided into dry season and non-dry season, and the water flows out continuously. It has minimal headwaters and a long dry season. The source of Yugu Zongliqu connects more than 100 lakes, which provide a large amount of water for the Yellow River.

3. The three sources of the Yellow River cooperate with each other. Water will flow out in both dry and non-dry seasons, and the outward flow rhythm will not stop. Nature's uncanny workmanship is always admired, and the Yellow River is nature's greatest gift to the Chinese people. Few of the tourists who visit the Yellow River know, unbeknownth to them, that a spring the size of a bowl can bring together such a large flow of water that eventually forms the mighty Yellow River. If you see the source of the Yellow River, you will be surprised. The Yellow River is the longest river because of its topography.