​The origin of Wangfujing?

​The origin of Wangfujing?

1, according to the Qing Dynasty Guangxu 11 years "Jingshi Fang Xiang Zhi manuscript" records, Beijing inside and outside the city a total of 1,258 Wells, most of the water salty bitter, only a few sweet, can drink not much, and ten Wangfujing is in the sweet available. This street was built from the Yuan Dynasty to the fourth year (park 1267), known as "Ten Wangfu Street", "Wangfu Street". According to research, it was named "Wangfujing" and originated from a well in the street since the middle of the Ming Dynasty. Both the Qianlong Map of the Capital and the Map of Beijing in the second year of the Republic of China (1913 AD) show that there is only one well in this street and indicate that it is located here. The well was buried in the 1920s, and was discovered in 1998 when Wangfujing Street was being renovated. It was protected on September 9, 1999. The well is the root of the street.

The origin of Wangfujing?

2, there are more ancient remains, Oriental plaza construction in 1996, discovered the twenty-five thousand - year - old cultural sites of the late paleolithic, twelve meters away from the surface, there are two layers of beige cultural, showed that the ancients had once lived in wangfujing area, habitat, in about two thousand square meters of area, found more than two thousand pieces of cultural relics, It is also the first time that the remains of ancient human culture have been found in the center of an international metropolis.