​The origin of the tomato?

​The origin of the tomato?

The origin of the tomato?

1. Tomatoes first grow in the forests of Peru. People call them Wolf peaches. Because it is gorgeous and attractive, people are afraid that it is poisonous. Because the prettier and prettier mushrooms in the forest tend to be more poisonous, and the prettier and more poisonous the fish in the sea. So people only appreciate its beauty and dare not eat tomatoes. In the 16th century, the English Duke Orodagri brought back a tomato plant from South America and presented it to his lover Queen Elizabeth of England. Since then, the tomato has been planted in Europe, but still no one dares to eat it. At the time, British doctors warned people that eating tomatoes could put their lives at risk.

2. If it had not been for an unprecedented action taken by an American, Colonel Robert, people would still not know the taste of a tomato. In 1830, Robert brought back a few tomato plants from Europe and planted them in his hometown of Salem, New Jersey. But when they were ripe, none of them could be sold, for they were regarded as poisonous fruits. Robert had to boldly announce to the whole town that he would eat ten tomatoes in public to see if they were poisonous. The townspeople were frightened by Robert's "wild words". A doctor predicted that the strange colonel would grow impatient and die of his own folly.

3. It's Robert's day to eat tomatoes. Thousands of residents flocked to the courthouse to see him kill himself with a tomato. At twelve o 'clock, Colonel Robert appeared. Wearing a black suit and smiling, he walked slowly up the steps. Then he took a red tomato from a small basket and held it high for the crowd to see. After thousands of pairs of eyes had proved it was true, he took a bite of the tomato in full view of the public and praised its taste loudly as he chewed. When Robert took his second bite, several of the women fainted on the spot. In a short time, all ten tomatoes had been eaten by Robert, who was still standing safe on the steps and waving to everyone. The crowd applauded loudly and the band played a triumphal tune in his honor. Robert proved that tomatoes are not poisonous. As a result, the tomato gained fame and spread around the world.