The origin of Wuhu?

The origin of Wuhu?

1. The earliest former site of Wuhu City was named Joozi, which is located on the south bank of Shuiyang River, about 40 li southeast of today's city. "Zuo Zhuan" : "In the third year of Duke Xiang of Lu (570 BC), the son of Chu attacked Wu again. As for Hengshan." Here recorded Hengshan is Dangtu County northeast Hengshan. The site of Juzi City is located in the south bank of the Shuiyang River at the end of the northward extension of the erosion stump. Thus to the west of the low and flat terrain, mostly for the lake marsh area, because of the lake grass, turtle birds gathered, and named turtle Zi, also known as "Gou Zi", "Gao Zi", "Zhu Zi" and so on.

The origin of Wuhu?

2. There is a long lake near Juzi, which is named Wuhu because of its "lack of deep water storage and growth of Wuhu algae". This section of the Shuiyang River was then called Zhongjiang River, connecting the Yangtze River in the west and Taihu Lake in the east, which was an important east-west waterway. Jutz is a ferry crossing that controls the Middle River, and its location is very important. In 109 B. C. that is, the second year of the Yuanfeng of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, Jiusi has set up a county, renamed Wuhu, which is the early city of Wuhu.